IT Construction Service

development of software solutions and databases that meet the unique needs of customers

  • Accounting databases
  • Databases for accounting orders and services
  • Employee accounting databases
  • Databases for accounting of goods
  • Mathematical calculations, totals, reports
  • E-Commerce
  • CRM
  • ERP




Веб-серверVarious types of charts are available in the program for data visualization and information analysis, including histograms, line, pie, line and area plots that can be selected by the user.

Work in the local network and the Internet

Веб-серверThe database engine is the database server. Thanks to the client-server technology, an unlimited number of users can work with the database remotely over a local network or the Internet.

Reports and requests

Веб-серверIt is possible to make a simple selection from one or more forms and calculate totals: sum, balance, average, maximum, minimum, count. The results can be broken down by periods: days, weeks, months, quarters, half-years, years. Queries allow you to embed selections in forms, as well as create sub-links to forms and other queries.


Веб-серверThe action mechanism allows you to perform some action on the click of a button or when an event occurs. You don't need to be a programmer to take advantage of the actions. All you have to do is select the desired actions and configure the settings.


Веб-серверFeatures, input validation, filtering, and so on. Expressions are similar to Microsoft Excel formulas. Expressions can be extended using extension modules.

Document Templates

Веб-серверCreate document templates in the application you are used to. DataExpress fills in the template and the output is a finished document. The following popular formats are supported: Microsoft Word (*.docx, *.docm, *.xml), OpenOffice Writer (*.odt), OpenOffice Calc (*.ods) or HTML (*.html).

Access control

Веб-серверYou can flexibly configure user access to individual forms, components, reports, create conditions for data visibility, editing and deletion. Your applications will already have built-in mechanisms for controlling user login and resolving conflicts when accessing data at the same time.

Access from any device

Веб-серверWith the help of a web server, you can ensure that you work with the database through a web browser on a computer, smartphone, tablet.