Our company is engaged in the provision of services for the creation and development of programs, databases, automated systems for accounting documents of enterprises and companies. We carry out projects quickly to order and turnkey!

Main directions:

  • Applications and programs for the financial department of a company, organization, enterprise, banks
  • Programs and software for production management
  • Databases for businesses, organizations

Qualities that we focus on when developing software

  • Speed - we implement tasks quickly
  • Minimalism - we implement only those tasks that are required, nothing superfluous

Purpose and tasks of programs and databases

If you are facing a task

  • create an accounting program
  • or, create the required lists of customers or a database of orders, requests
  • goods, documents
  • develop a program for construction
  • business database
  • develop a data analysis system

then we will help. It is our solutions designed for such purposes. We work with individual entrepreneurs, trading firms, online stores, organizations providing any services.

Also, our solutions will help to put old data in order, display them in a user-friendly form, combine or integrate with other data.

Wide coverage of opportunities in the development of accounting programs

Our programs rely on functionality. They have

  • data entry forms
  • selection of required values
  • quick calculation of any parameters
  • solving complex functions taking into account coefficients

and much more.

Individual approach to program development

We work with each client individually. All requirements and conditions are taken into account when developing programs and databases.

The approximate prices can be found on the page with prices. To determine the cost, you can send a request to our email itcon2023@itcon-s.com

Contact us for advice, we will definitely answer you!